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What We Do

We specialize in High Energy Rock and Roll! If it gets the crowd to their feet we know it and love it. Anything from modern rock, metal and punk, to those memorable classics we all love. with current hits, a sprinkling of Blues from time to time and even a few Dance favorites to keep the party moving. Versatility is our trademark. And if you're looking for a "hair bands of the '80's" style, nobody can touch our hard rock sound. Covering classic hits from Lynyrd Skynyrd to Bon Jovi to Alice in Chains to Linkin Park and Disturbed, we have a knack for keeping 'em on the dance floor as well as presenting a show that is as widely entertaining as it is flat out fun!

With our "shift on the fly" set system, we can cater to each audience and focus on what works best for that group on the spot. We are never locked into the set in front of us and we have the ability to play non-stop sets. Imagine a live band that operates like a DJ and you have a good idea of our strengths. With well over 150 songs, we have enough music to play a completely different show the second night on weekend club shows. We are constantly adding new songs to the list so we always have "fresh" music to play on return engagements. Taking requests is also a large part of what we do.


What We Don't Do


*Start Late


*Take Long Breaks


*Leave Our Garbage Behind


*Drink to Excess


*Play the Same Set Twice


*Behave Unprofessionally


*Ask for Tips



For booking information contact

Brian Phillips at 303-803-2181 or






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